Fundación Ana Bella

From victim to survivor, Ana Bella Foundation is co-creating a society free from violence against women

2006 Ana Bella founded Ana Bella Foundation with her own example as survivor of gender-based violence on tv, she started helping victims to become survivors from her home

2017 Ana Bella Survivors' Network scaled up which currently includes 27,300 women acting as changemakers in 82 market

2021 We have supported 42,000 women from victims of gender-based violence to become empowered survivors in Spain



"If I had received a training like Abuse is not Love when I was in school, I would have not fallen into the abusive relationship that I married into and made me suffer for 11 years. I would also have been able to go to university but I chose love, although I was too young to understand that it was not love but abuse. Abuse is not Love is key to change the lives of many young women and men to live a better future and form healthy relationships."
Ana Bella Estévez de los Galanes Survivor and Founder-Director of Fundación Ana Bella

Co-creating a society free from violence against women

Ana Bella Foundation transforms survivors' suffering into expertise and empathy to detect thousands of invisible victims to speak up, break free from violence and release their full potential to become leaders of their own lives. By sharing positive testimonies of survivors as well as working with the media, governments, companies and educational centres, we are transforming how society views women and young girls who have experienced abuse


Abuse is not love : a 4 pillars program


Abuse is not love among the youth

We provide Abuse is not Love training to young adults to identify the 9 key signs of abuse in an intimate partner relationship, so that they build healthy relationships and learn how to act as changemakers by detecting and accompanying friends who might be involved in abusive relationships. We provide trainings in high schools, universities, educational centres, sport clubs and other places where the youth meet in Spain.


Abuse is Not Love from within L'Oréal Spain

We provide training to L'Oréal's team in Spain to identify the 9 key signs of abuse in an intimate partner relationship and act as a changemaker if they identify someone who migh in an abusive relationship, including co-workers, clients, suppliers and other stakehoders they might be in touch with.


Abuse is Not Love on the media

We have launched a communication's campaign to raise-awareness about abuse in relationships, including as key pieces dos videos of five young ladies sharing their examples of the 9 keys signs of abuse. We have also made several media appearences on TV, radio and newspapers including interviews and whole programmes dedicated to the survivors sharing their testimonies on the 9 key signs of abuse.

Abuse is not love

Accompanying the youth to break free from abusive intimate partner relationship

Ana Bella Foundation accompanies teenagers and women who break the silence and ask for help. After the training they are able to identify that they are in an abusive intimate partner relationship. We create a strategy together to leave their abusive partner and access adequate support depending to the needs and circumstances of each person through a process of empowerment so that they break the pattern of abuse and build heathy relationship.


12,000 We have trained 12,000 people so far, of which over 400 broke the silence and 200 cases have been attended for specific support. More than half of those cases it was friends or family members who asked for help for someone they know. It is key that everyone learns how to indetify the 9 signs of abuse.
150 Yves Saint Laurent employees have been trained on the Abuse is not Love
40 Appearences in the national and local media including TV (23), radio (2) and newspapers (15)

Want to talk? Contact your local Association

Want to talk? Contact your local Association

You deserve to be happy, Abuse is Not Love: please contact us if you think you are in an abusive relationship or you know someone who might be