Blijf Groep 

Since 1974 Blijf Groep helps and gives shelter to women, men and children, who suffer from domestic violence.

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1974 Blijf Groep was founded by women

100000 complains for intimate partner violence filled per year in the Netherlands

2021 Launch of the partnership with YSL Beauty



Picture of Hanneke Bakker, Managing director of Blijf Groep
"Women who have to deal with intimate partner violence often keep this hidden. That's why it's so important to show that that help is possible. With this program we hope to increase awareness among young people and help them”
Hanneke Bakker Managing director of Blijf Groep

About Blijf Groep

Blijf Groep is a modern organisation that gives shelter and help for women, men and children, who suffer from domestic violence. They provide various services: emergency beds, crisis units, long stay facilities and outreaching services. They are also focusing a lot on raising awareness and doing prevention through workshops and courses. 




Universities Workshops Tour

Education of minimum 2.500 students (18-24 years) in colleges and universities about IPV through workshops lead by Training Advocate hired specifically for this program.

Deployment of 9 signs campaigns in colleges and universities via posters and flyers to raise awareness about IPV and help develop prevention.


Internal Training of the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty teams

Training and education of 250 people among YSL teams, L’Oréal Benelux Employees and Beauty Advisors about IPV globally and how to properly identify the signs, how to act, how to help if facing the situation.


Communication Campaign Develop

A national communication campaign about the 9 signs by using Blijf Groep and YSL Beauty platforms such as social medias, influencers, press and media publishers to spread the message and raise the awareness.


500 people sensitized

Want to talk? Contact your local association

Want to talk? Contact your local association

Blijf Groep was founded almost 50 years ago. It started in 1974 as a so-called Blijf-van-mijn-lijf-house in Amsterdam, run by women themselves.