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Women’s Net Saya-Saya advocates for the rights of women and children who have experienced violence, with a focus on domestic violence. Our goal is to create a violence-free society where both women and men can live in mutual respect.

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16.70% Of women said they have experienced violence from their dating partners.

120th In the "The Global Gender Gap Report 2021" published by the World Economic Forum, Japan ranked 120th out of 156 markets.

27,700 people have taken the course



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"I am delighted to be a part of 'Abuse is not Love'. We pay tribute to the many women who have fought against violence against women, and our organization will continue to work together."
Kazuko Matsumoto NPO Josei Net Saya-Saya

About Women's Net Saya Saya

"Saya" means ‘I’ in Indonesian language. When "I (survivor of IPV)" am connected with another "I (survivor of IPV)", we believe that "I" can live my life again. We would like women to re-build their lives, regain themselves and connect with others. Thus, we named our organization Saya-Saya. A society without violence is a society where women can live safely, and children and men also live with ease. We believe that supporting women and children survivors of violence in the community will lead to a society where women and men, human beings and nature co-exist peacefully. With this mission, we strive to contribute to widening the circle of support network.


Abuse is not love: a 2 pillar program


Implementation of "CHANGE PROGRAM"in junior high school, high school, university, etc.

Implement a program for younger generations to learn how to build relationships that value and respect each other. Learn how IPV works, experience possible cases in role play, learn that the perpetrator is responsible for violence, the effects of abuse, and what to do when you are consulted by friends.


Implement "CHANGE PROGRAM" for YSL Beauty Advisors

Execute "CHANGE PROGRAM" for YSL Beauty employees and Beauty advisors. Through the program, they are trained that they may be aware of the damage caused by IPV of customers, the structure of violence as basic knowledge for that, the background of IPV, and what to do when they notice IPV as Beauty advisors.

Want to talk? Contact your local Association

Want to talk? Contact your local Association

Women's Net Saya-Saya provides various support programs for IPV survivors and children including dating violence prevention program "Change program", pscychoeducational program, counseling, shelters, summer workshop, etc.